responsive website creation services

Responsive Website Creation – $750

We build in a modern CMS (Content Management System) and incorporate an integration of strategic plugins and essential features, taking advantage of how the web works today. We maximize your internet presence and ability to communication with your audience.

Clean, Responsive Design

Having the website built in a “responsive” theme will ensure visitors accessing the website with a smartphone (iPhone, Android Device) will get a smartphone-centric navigation menu.

Google My Business

Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.

Social Media Integration

More and more people around the world have come to understand the value of social media, and the growing audiences on these platforms are why businesses joined the social networking revolution in the first place: to be where the audience is. We connect your website with your social media to ensure you get your message out to a more complete audience.

website management services

Website Management – $75 monthly

Time is a valuable asset, but not everyone has enough time to manage their own website efficiently. On today’s web, it is important to maintain an online presence to compliment your business. Our management plan includes:

Website Hosting

Our website hosting facilities are situated in parts of the world with extremely good network connectivity provided by multiple major carriers and require a minimum number of hops to be reached. Our data centers provide high level electricity redundancy with multiple failover options including multiple power feeds, own power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology. All data center facilities we use are extremely well guarded. 24×7 human security, biometrics, access control man traps, bullet proof lobbies and video surveillance are only some of the security measures applied.

Website Maintenance & Security

Wish you had a “web guy” on staff but can’t justify a full or part time employee? We’ve got you covered! We run across individuals and business owners all the time who say they have a website, but they don’t have the time to learn how to manage it properly. As a result, they neglect needed upgrades. Their website performance and security suffers as a result. We offer version updates and well as ongoing plugin updates, making it easier for our clients to keep focus on their core business.

Content Updates & Marketing Assistance

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. We offer ongoing assistance with your content marketing efforts.

Google 360 Virtual Tours

Google Trusted Photographer – Using the proven and established Street View Technology, We provides a 360‐degree Interactive, Panoramic Virtual Tour of your business. When consumers search for your business, Google shows your business on a map with a street view photo and offers them the opportunity to ‘See Inside’ and look around. Only Google Trusted Photographers are able to create and submit to Google these “See Inside” tours.


Offers customers an interactive and engaging experience with your business helping to increase sales.

Online Walk‐Through

Makes it easy for new customers to see your business before visiting by taking a panoramic virtual tour of your business – an online walk‐through your space to attract new business.


Allows customers to see your businesses unique qualities – ambience, points of interest, décor, amenities, food offerings, technology ‐ to attract new business.

New Customers

Allows new customers to find your business quicker and easier with enhanced business presence across Google properties while increasing the number clicks for your business and driving traffic to your website.

Personalized Virtual Tours

Panotours – Using the latest technology we offer custom panotours. These are similar to the Google 360 Virtual Tour service, but it is not tied to your Google My Business profile. We can create a Panotour of any room you would like to feature. These are great when selling Real Estate or featuring a special area in your house or place of business.

  • Small Business $199 3-5 pano stops
  • Medium – $300 5-10 pano stops
  • Large – $400 10-20 pano stops
  • XL – Call for estimate

Includes Virtual Tour shoot, 5-10 point of interest photographs, input of the tour onto Google Maps and Google Plus Page, embedding codes to put on your website.

Virtual tours start at $200 for 1 room, $99 each additional room. Includes Virtual Tour photo shoot, and creation of Virtual Tour.

$50 online input fee. 6 months hosting included.
$100 full tour files to host yourself.


Offers customers an interactive and engaging experience with your business helping to increase sales.

graphic design services

Graphic Design

If you do not have an event poster to upload, we offer graphic design services. This will ensure your event looks good on our advertising loop. If you are interested in our graphic design services or other project needs, please contact us.